Tuesday 30 April 2013

April Biblical Studies Carnival

Over at the blog ἐνθύμησις is the Biblical Studies Carnival for the month of April. Jacob Cerone has been kind enough to mention this ABC blog.
For those of you who read Hebrew (and Greek) his blog is quite fascinating. Ἐνθύμησις  means "the process of considering someth., thought, reflection, idea" (BDAG) and is found in Mat. 9:4; 12:25; Acts 17:29 and Heb. 4:12. 
Currently Cerone is going through the book of Jonah which, if you're like me, you remember as one of your first set texts in Hebrew class, which gives it a special place at least in my affection (at my university first year Hebrew alternated either setting Jonah or Ruth - I had Jonah). Cerone is looking in particular at how the Old Greek renders the text, something with which I'm not at all familiar, and has some very interesting results. Well worth a look!

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